Touring Classic Racing Bike

Touring Classic Racing Bike

Touring Vintage Design

Bike with vintage design reminiscent of the racing cars of the 60’s, but with the advances of today’s technology.

Handmade with the best steel

Amapola cycles always build with the best steel. The innovative steel alloys that we use, make your bicycle fatigue resistant, durable and light.


-Columbus Cromor steel tubing.

-BSA threaded bottom bracket.

-Columbus carbon fork.

-28″ wheels with 28mm thick.

-Campagnolo 2×10 drivetrain.

-Rim brakes.

-Saddle and handlebar straps from Brooks Cambium.

-Classic paint scene design.

Customize preferences

All of our bicycles are 100% customizable with the preferences of the client.

The frame can be built from your personal fit form.

Free choice of components (depends of brands availability)

Custom paint design.

Custom frame

Are you interested in a custom frame?

Bespoke steel frame. Optionally, it may include the fork.

Custom bicycle

Are you interested in a custom bike?

Custom frame including all the components and accessories to form a full custom bicycle.

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