Inside the steel bicycle

Many people today have rediscovered the world of steel bikes, their qualities and what they have to offer. Steel bikes have always been around, in deep the majority of restored vintage and classic bicycles are made of this material, and even century-old bikes can still be used today. The emergence of new composites, combined with … Read more

Gravel bicycles

The gravel bikes. Where do they come from and to whom are they addressed? Gravel bikes are a vehicle halfway between mountain bikes and road bikes. They have qualities from both worlds, and cover needs that were not covered until their appearance. It is a versatile bike on both roads and trails, which is the … Read more

Cycling literature

This article is about interesting books related to the world of bicycles in all its fields.I leave open the free participation, contribution and opinions.Enjoy pedaling and reading. –Bicycling Science: authors David Gordon and Theodor Schmidt.Scientific book that in 2020 presents its 40th edition due to its success.Extensive book on all the physics surrounding the bicycle … Read more

Maintenance of a steel bicycle frame

Let’s start by defining some key terms to understand why a steel bicycle frame needs to be maintained. Rust, corrosion, steel alloys, vent holes and frame saver (rust and corrosion protectors for steel).  Rust: It is the compound that arises by combining oxygen with a metal, it is called basic oxide, they react with water … Read more