Cycling literature

This article is about interesting books related to the world of bicycles in all its fields.
I leave open the free participation, contribution and opinions.
Enjoy pedaling and reading.

Bicycling Science: authors David Gordon and Theodor Schmidt.
Scientific book that in 2020 presents its 40th edition due to its success.
Extensive book on all the physics surrounding the bicycle being the human being who exerts the force to start the mechanisms that activate the bikes, dealing with applications in competition, speed records, hybrid propulsion, aerodynamics, a multitude of episodes that will help us understand all the factors that come into play when riding a bike.

Rebour (The Bicycle Illustrations of Daniel Rebour):
Beautiful book of hand-drawn illustrations by Daniel Rebour, the book includes illustration of 200 complete bicycles and 1800 illustrations of individual components.

Einstein and the Art of Cycling: author Ben Irvine.
Very readable book, mixes philosophical themes with ecology, study of movements under the vision of a regular cyclist as Albert Einstein was.

Bicycle design: authors Tony Hadland and Hans-Erhard Lessing.
Very illustrated book both in drawings and photos that gives a review of the history of bicycle design and the evolution of its components throughout its more than 500 pages. Very well explained and with many curiosities in the world of design.

The Racing Bicycle: authors Richard Moore and Daniel Benson.
An essential book, in which appear from A to Z all the great brands of bicycles and components that have made history in the great cycling competitions, from their origin, showing the evolution and all the innovations developed over the years.
Of course also appear all the legendary cyclists who at some point in their careers were linked to the brands that appear.

Velocity: author Erik Spiekermann.
Book inspired by urban cycling, in which appear the latest trends in bicycles, unique designs, folding, cargo bikes, electric and also some fashion.
Many high quality photographs.

Japanese Steel: author William Bevington.
Book of classic Japanese steel bicycles. Listed are all the Japanese steel brands, some now extinct, others still in production today.
Also listed are the major manufacturers of classic Japanese steel tubing.
Accompanied by very good photos by Scott Ryder.