Welcome to Amapola Cycles

Our mission and vision

Uniqueness: We pursue excellence, engineering a unique machine that fits you perfectly.

Craftsmanship: Tradition and technology are weld together. We build your bicycle with precision and care.

Quality: The innovative steel alloys that we use make your bicycle, fatigue resistant, durable and light.

Custom bike

How are you going to use your bike?

Based on it, we can better design the frame and select the components.

How do you want to ride?

The selection of the steel alloy and accessories will balance lightweight and resistance.

Which are your most important requirements?

The frame and the accessories can be chosen based on all your most important requirements.

Bespoke machine

Tell us about your preferences

*Image from a design made with BikeCad software.

Design and functionality need to meet your expectations as future rider of a bespoke machine.

Let us know who you are and what your riding style is.

*Images from the design software BikeCad and Freecad